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  Odawara Nagisa-kai

  We provide support for 

        “Everyone with disabilities,

          especially mental disability”


"People to live an independent life as a member of society in spite of various disabilities such as mental disability"

Photo by Natsuko Nakashima






Out of the damage caused by the New Corona Virus, the number of contract work at our work shop has drastically decreased. As a result of repeated trial production of simple decoration magnet named "Eco-Magnet" that make effective use of caps gathered in "Eco-Cap Activity", we achieved commercialization in a surprisingly short period of less than a month. This avoids the risk of users losing work.

初めての自主製品『エコマグネット』誕生 !!!



On May 22nd, we held The General Meeting of " NPO Odawara Nagisa-kai".

It's the year's largest event and finished successful. This year, in order to avoid the risk of "New Coronavirus" infection, we stopped the invitation to guests, asked members to participate by proxy or vote, and held it with a minimum number of people Thanks all members for your understanding and cooperation.  




We received many "Handmade masks" donated! Hearing that we were in trouble because we couldn't get the masks necessary to prevent the "New Coronavirus" infection, and she sent them to us. Thank you so much for the wonderful masks. We will give out them to the users coming to our workshop immediately and use them effectively.




We published the "Odawara Nagisa-Kai Newsletter No.28" and posted it on our website.  Introducing "Collaboration with educational institutions" and "Refreshing exercises at workshop" which started as a new trial, "6th Nagisa Festival", etc. Please take a look!










年末の恒例イベントになっている『クリスマス地域交流会』を盛大に開催しました。今年も職員達が中心となって色々な内容を企画し、通所メンバーさん達や会員の皆さん、そして地域の皆さんの参加もいただき、楽しいひと時をみんなで過ごしました。よい交流の機会になったと感じております。 Merry Christmas!!!

On December 22, We held a Christmas party with many users (who have some disabilities) coming to our workshop. Their families and local people also were getting together.  We had a good and  warm  time together.




We participated in ”Odawara City Recreation Games for People with Disabilities”.




We published the "Odawara Nagisa-Kai Newsletter No.27" and posted it on our website. Announcement from the Odawara Nagisa-Kai, Introduction of work at our workshop, and  Bus tour to "Tomioka Silk Mill, World Heritage". Please have a look! (Sorry, Newsletter only in Japanese)





The 6th "Nagisa Festival". Thank you for so many people visiting us .
The photo shows the "Bon Dance".

第6回 なぎさ祭

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​At the beginning of 2019, we developed the following action guideline in order to further expand the social activities that are the essence of our non-profit organization (NPO). We will strongly promote cooperation with all those who appreciate the social importance of our activities.
◆ Recruiting new members! ! !
        (No matter where you live,                                                      Anyone from anywhere is fine)         
 Expand! "Circle of Supporters"

◆Our official logo is complete!

We created our official logo and have been using it since April 1, 2018.

The bridge of the three colors shown in the logo symbolize our three projects:

1)  Establishment and operation of facilities

Red: With the spirit of "Passionately", "Tenaciously" and "Actively and Powerfully"

2) Dissemination and Awareness-raising

Green: With the spirit of ”Developmentally” and "Cherishing the sense of Balance"  

3) Cooperation with related associations

Orange: With the spirit of "Spontaneity" and "Abundant Communication and Action”

For each project, these indicate our determinations for infinite development toward the hopeful future.

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◆Information on how to fill out your tax 
   return is now available.
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  donations, and you can get a credit of up to 50% of   
  the amount of your donation from your tax bill.

Sorry, this tax reduction only applies to donations from people living in Japan.

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We are now looking for regular and supporting members of the Odawara Nagisa-kai, so if you share our activities and support us, please become a member, even if you can't participate directly in the actual activities.
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If you have a hard time securing time for activities but want to support or participate in them, please make a donation and participate in our activities! Donations will be used as same as the membership fee for maintenance and management of our facilities and other activities.


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